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Hazardous Waste
Electronic Waste
Bulky Items
Special Services
Trash day in your neighborhood is just like any other, clean and quiet. Learn more about CR&R’s alternative fuel vehicles.
CR&R Recommends You Remember the Following On Collection Day
  • Containers should be placed at curbside no later than 6:30 a.m. on collection day.
  • Containers must be placed side-by-side approximately 1' foot apart and at least 3 feet from any obstruction. (i.e. fire hydrant/trees)
  • Containers should be placed with the handles and wheels facing away from the street.
  • Containers should be removed from curbside within 12 hours after service.
  • Items not in containers will not be collected.
  • Each resident may select a set of specially designed automated containers with attached lid and wheels.
CR&R is requesting that each resident separate their recyclable materials.
  • The black container is for regular refuse.
  • The brown or blue container is for recyclables.
  • If you have a green container, it is for green/yard waste.
CR&R Observes the Following Holidays
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
If the holiday falls during the week, service postponed by one day the remainder of the week. Example: If July 4th is a Monday, and your normal collection day is Thursday, we'll see you on Friday.
Approximate Container Sizes Available
Residents may order a set of the following containers.
  • 35 gallon automated container - 27"Hx 23"Wx 23"D
  • 60 gallon automated container - 41"Hx 27"W x 33"D
  • 3 Yard Temporary Bin - 4'H x 4'W x 6'9"L for clean up projects - 500 lb limit
Special Collections

Larger waste collection containers (from 10 to 40 yards) are available for clean-up projects and other disposal needs.
Recycling Information
Christmas tree collection will begin on December 26th through January 11, 2013. Please remove all ornaments, lights, stands, and cut the tree in half if over 6 feet tall. If possible, please place your tree bottom first and upright in your green waste container. If you cannot use the green waste container or do not have one, place your tree curbside on your service day and our tree collectors will come by in a separate truck, there is no need to call the office.

It's important to identify and remove materials unsuitable for recycling. Please review this section for more information on the Do's and Don'ts for Recycling. If you have additional questions please contact the office located closest to you.
Recyclable Paper
Milk or Juice Cartons
Corrugated Cardboard
Junk Mail
Chipboard (Cereal/Cracker Boxes)
Computer paper
Any White Paper
Mixed Products such as combinations of paper and metal
Waxed Paper
Recyclable Plastics
Please remove liquids, lids and food residue from all recyclables before placing them in the recycling container.
PET: soft drink bottles, photo film canisters
HDPE: detergent containers, plastic water/milk containers, pails, t-shirt bags
PVC: sprinkler pipe
LDPE: trash can liners, shrink wrap, grocery bags
PP: yogurt containers, luggage, drinking straws
PS: plastic plates, cups egg cartons, food trays
Other: Tupperware and mixed plastic containers
Plastic Toys
Flower/Plant Containers
No Mixed Products (ie plastic/metal combination)
Recyclable Metal
Empty Aerosol Cans
Metal Coat Hangers
Aluminum Cans
Tin Cans
Food and Juice Jars
Empty Paint Cans (dry paint is OK)
Metal Foil
Lawn Furniture
Automotive Parts
Plumbing Parts
No Mixed Products such as combinations of metal and paper
Recyclable Glass
Food and Beverage Bottles
Glass Jars and Bottles
House Windows
Liquor, Soda and Juice Bottles
Tempered Glass
Fluorescent Tubes
Light Bulbs
Safety Glass
Yard Waste
Grass Clippings
Green Plants
Dry Leaves
Garden Trimmings
Wood Scraps/Chips
Animal Waste
Palm Branches
Diseased Plants
Dairy Products
Stuffed Animals
Household Hazardous Waste Collection Information
Collection of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) is now available at your front door, free of charge.

Household Hazardous Wastes are electronic and home care products that are flammable, corrosive, reactive or toxic. They are dangerous to the public and the environment. Examples of HHW include:

  • Mercury thermostats and thermometers
  • Aerosol cans that contain hazardous materials
  • Latex, oil, or water based paint
  •  Fluorescent Light Tubes, High Intensity Discharge Lamps
  •  Solvents, Cleaning Products
  • Sharps in a one-way protection container.

Please call our customer service department at (877) 728-0446 to schedule your free pick up. This service is provided with no additional cost. Be prepared to provide the Customer Service Representative with specific information on quantities of each item. They will assist you by explaining how to prepare your material for collection.

For safety and compliance, we must observe the following:

A maximum of 15 gallons or 125 pounds may be transported per vehicle, per trip (Department of Transportation Requirement). It is illegal for CR&R to exceed these limits.

  • Containers larger than five gallons will not be accepted.
  • Containers will NOT be returned.
  • Materials should be in original containers (except motor oil, fuels and antifreeze).
  • All containers must have lids, be sturdy, non-leaking, labeled and protected from breakage.
  • Do not combine different types of waste.
  • Do not mix oil-base paint with latex paint.

Electronic Waste and Refrigerator Collection Information
Electronic waste (E-waste) is an item such as a computer monitor, television, cell phone or other like materials. Due to the high amounts of lead and chemicals found in E-waste, they are not allowed into local landfills.

Refrigerators contain Freon and other chemicals which require special handling as well. CR&R will collect these items from your curbside, to arrange a curbside pick-up for E-waste or a refrigerator, please contact the office located closest to you.

Bulky Items Collection Information
Items that cannot fit in your automated containers, such as a chair or a couch, are considered "bulky items." A bulky item is an object that can be handled by a two-person crew and may include washers, dryers, sofas or other large materials. Each residential customer is entitled to four (4) bulky item pick-ups free of charge per calendar year. Additional bulky item pick-ups will be provided for a nominal charge. To make arrangements for a bulky item pick-up on your regular waste collection day, please contact the office located closest to you.
Ordering Special Services in Your Area
Due to changes in California Environmental Protection Legislation, certain waste products are no longer accepted at the landfill or recycling center. The City of Aliso Viejo has included the collection of the items listed below to their residents through service with CR&R.
  • Batteries (except automobile batteries which must be delivered to a certified hazardous waste center) *Thermostats *Fluorescent Tubes *Cathode Ray Tubes such as televisions and computer monitors *High Intensity Discharge Lamps such as heat lamps *Sodium Vapor Lamps such as low light pollution light bulbs *Aerosol Cans which are not completely empty *Mercury containing items such as light switches, pressure gauges, thermometers and greeting cards that play music *Unused Paint *Sharps such as syringes and lancets within a one-way protection container
To make arrnagements with CR&R for the collection and proper disposal of any of these items please contact Customer Service at 1-877-728-0446.